“... Adriana Rosado-Bonewitz [is a] remarkably professional contributor to cross-cultural training programs. She is charming, highly articulate, and knowledgeable.
“… One of the most important strengths Ms. Rosado-Bonewitz brings to these programs is her insightful grasp of Mexican culture. … [S]he is able to convey this insight in terms which are easily understood, and are constantly related to a participant’s personal situation. … She is able to adjust to a variety of personalities, keeping a professional demeanor and a flow of relevant, useful information going throughout the program.
“… Finally, one cannot help but be impressed with [Adriana’s] great charm and presence. Her ability to win people over and quickly build a sense of personal trust is truly rare, and it is one of the key elements of her success in the training room.
“… Working with her has always been a pleasure…”
Research Director, Consultant and Trainer
Cross-cultural training and orientation firm
August, 1999