Points to Consider for Translation Projects

Here are a few of the more important points to keep in mind when planning a translation project.

Consistency with previously-translated materials — Consider whether the document(s) to be translated need to be consistent with documents you have previously translated. Consistency in the use of terminology, style, reading level, etc. may be important.

Implications for other documents — Consider whether the document you wish to have translated refers users to other documents that may also need to be translated. It is usually more cost-effective to translate a group of documents together than to have them translated individually.

Appropriateness for the intended audience — Telephone numbers, websites, addresses and other information in your documents may need to be changed for readers of the translated documents. Also, we'll want to know whether the translation is intended for particular countries or nationalities.

Publishing — If the translation will replace the source text in a publication you've already designed, keep in mind that Spanish takes up 15-20% more space than the corresponding English. Don't panic! We regularly work directly with our clients' graphic designers and printing firms to address the technical aspects of publishing in translation.

For more information we recommend that you consult the brochure "Translation: Getting it Right", a concise guide to buying translations, published by the American Translators Association. We'll be glad to mail you a copy or you can download it from the link above.