Frequently-Asked Questions About Translation

What is a full-service translation company?

A full-service translation company, like ours, is one that provides clients with translations that have been researched, edited, formatted and proofread by a team of qualified language professionals. These steps are essential to the production of a high-quality, accurate translation.

Do you do desktop publishing and translate websites?

We do translate texts and documents for books, brochures and websites. We'll work with your graphic or web designer to coordinate the placement of our translation into your DTP or website template. Be sure to see the Points to Consider for Translation Projects for more details.

How long does a translation take?

It depends, of course, on the length and complexity of the original text. Highly technical documents may take longer than non-technical ones because of the need to confirm a client’s preferences for special terminology. In general, most documents up to the length of, say, the average book chapter can be completed in days to a week or so. Larger projects may require several weeks or even months to complete and may involve many translators and editors. Projects of particular urgency can usually be completed more quickly at extra cost.

How much does a translation cost?

You are likely to find a wide range of prices quoted for translations. Because quality translations depend on skilled and qualified professionals, the cheapest translation may turn out to be the most expensive for you in the long run.

Translations are usually quoted by the word in the source text. The rate is variable, usually between $20 and $30 per hundred words, depending upon whether the source text is technical or general subject matter, the complexity of the sentence structure, and whether desktop publishing or special formatting is involved. Technical subject matter and more complex writing are usually more time-consuming to translate, and therefore more expensive, than general subject matter written in a simple style.

Volume discounts may apply. Rush work usually incurs a surcharge of 50–100%. To ensure the quality of our work, we do not to undertake rush assignments for first-time clients.

How do I get a quote for a translation project?

Because it's important for us to fully understand your needs, we recommend that you call us to discuss your project. (You may find it useful to review our suggestions for planning a translation project.)

After we review all of the documents to be translated, we will send for your approval a formal Job Proposal, confirming all of the specifications for the project including cost and time required.

How is special terminology handled?

Many technical fields use specialized terminology, and many clients have preferences for the terminology to be used in their translated documents. We will discuss these issues with you in detail. If necessary, we can develop a glossary of consistent and appropriate terminology for use in all of your translated documents.

What about protection of my confidential business information?

We scrupulously protect all of our clients’ materials. Written confidentiality agreements are in effect with all translation professionals engaged by us.